Snowden International School

Snowden International School

‚Äč150 Newbury Street  Boston Massachusetts 02116

Snowden Writing Center 2015-16

Room 306

Hours: 7:50-2:15 & some after school hours as needed

Supervised by Mr. Joshua Tetenbaum

Tutors: Umass college students

If teachers are interested, there are several ways that the tutors can support your students this year:

  • Sign up for a tutor to come to your classroom (the link should lead to a Google Calendar which you can use to make an appointment; or just email Mr. Tetenbaum or stop by.
  • Send students with assignments to the Writing Center during lunch or after school for one-on-one tutoring.
  • Require students to take their assignments to the Writing Center before submitting final drafts to you.
  • Direct students to our website for writing tips.