Jessica Khoury, pictured left with her teacher Mr. O'Brien, researched a project at the Carroll School for the Blind in Newton, MA. and decided to join forces and collect old no longer used eye glasses. The eye glasses will be refurbished at a lab and then disbursed to children in need all around the world. We commend Jessica for her efforts and thank those who made contributions. 

                                                           reported by Ms. Fonfield

At the Old South Church, student Chris Diggs reads from his personal essay that came in third place in the Calderwood Writing Center's annual writing contest during Snowden's third semester awards ceremony.


                              Reported by Mr. Tetenbaum

Snowden International School

Snowden International School

Old News 

The France and Spain trip took place during April vacation. 10 participating students and 2 teachers had a wonderful time learning about French and Spanish culture. They made the special connections with our sister school, Huerta Santa Ana in Seville. Next week 5 Spain students will be arriving at Snowden to continue the exchange program. They will be staying for one month with some of Snowden students.

‚Äč150 Newbury Street  Boston Massachusetts 02116

Students from Snowden's Photo class visit the Boston Common Friday where 37,000 flags were planted in honor of the Massachusetts men and women in the armed services who have given their lives to secure our freedom from the Revolutionary War to today.

                                                  reported by Ms. Osol

Over vacation, 9 Snowden students took part in the Harvard Model Congress simulation at the Sheraton Hotel in Boston.  Our students participated in committee meetings, hearings and votes to simulate the workings of Congress.  Special thank to Ms. Cuadra-Saez and Ms. Wen for supporting the team!

Headmaster Mr. Roundtree and staff welcome upcoming freshmen and their parents at the Kuumba Library from 4:00 to 6:00 this afternoon. The formal freshmen orientation will be held on August 23 to 26.