7:30-9:00pm November 19, 2015  Theater Show "Midsummer Night"

All the World’s a Stage…….. Several Snowden Theatre students got to experience Shakespeare’s familiar tale in a very unique way.  The Isango Ensemble from South Africa was on tour in Boston briefly and they put their own stamp on Shakespeare’s popular play with props, instruments and costumes unique to South African culture.  It was quite an experience for the audience.

Series of Activities

10:00-1:30pm, March 1, 2016   The Wong Kids  & post-workshops

"I Dream" Project with Emerson College

7:30-9:00pm November 18, 2015 Theater Show "uCamen"

4:30-8:00pm, December 2, 2015   I Dream: Boston Convening 

Snowden International School

Snowden International School

​150 Newbury Street  Boston Massachusetts 02116

"Using the tools of art,

                creative action, and movement building

to empower individuals and communities

                            to create a new narrative that builds resilience, deep democracy,

                                                                             and opportunity for all."

Snowden senior Tahnaree Evans and junior Yesinia Clary-Washington performed their own poem at Emerson/Cutler Majestic Theater on Sat. May 14th. Both students participated Emerson College "I Dream" .

6:30-9:00pm Theater Show "Mr. Joy"   (Dinner and bus were provided through grant)

10:50am-1:15pm, February  26,  March 4 & 5, 2016   

Pre & post workshops with Emerson College "The Wong Kids" Project Team

"I Dream Student" Performance       Saturday, May 14, 2016