Snowden International School

Snowden International School

​150 Newbury Street  Boston Massachusetts 02116

The purpose of the luncheon was to have our girls who have demonstrated an aptitude or interest in Math, Science or a STEM Career discover and explore the path one can take to get there. The STEM Luncheon was divided into 4 segments. Ist - NARRATIVES- 5 STEM Professionals discussed their Careers and the journey it took to get there; 2nd we have a working lunch; 3rd We had 4 Enrichment Programs to discuss opportunities, scholarships and timelines to apply; and 4th We had  4  local colleges discuss programs available at their institutions. 
A few of the programs brought students and other professionals with them, In all, we have 20 professionals present. We hoped to have a Robotics demonstration , however we will plan on it for next year.

STEM Luncheon for Girls held at Kummba Library on April 28 2017

Guidance and Counseling Services 

Counseling is the heart of the Snowden Guidance program.  It focuses on promoting the students’ self-understanding and self-acceptance, personal decision making.  Guidance Counselors work closely with students and parents to make programmatic decisions that prepare the student for appropriate post secondary education and career choices.

​Psychologists and social workers provide counseling to students at school.  Individual and group counseling are offered, as well as crisis intervention when needed. Student can also be referred to outside mental health agencies when appropriate.


Family Health Fun Night on May 30, 2017