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China Trip 2017

Chinese 2 at Hot Pot Buffet in Chinatown


Course Syllabus for Chinese 2


Ms. Liu

Course Description

Chinese 2 continues the study of the Chinese language to establish a solid foundation for further development. Students will learn additional 180 characters in order to communicate verbally and in writing on various topics. Students will be engaged in the practice of speaking and writing Chinese in class and communicating through pen-pal letters and by email beyond class time. The course will also focus on cultural understanding through class discussions, group projects, movies, student presentations, and a few simple detailed authentic reading material. In addition, students will be able to type Chinese characters using computer technology, cellphone, and research online to gain first-handknowledge to expand their horizon.

Cultural Studies: Twice a month (or every other Friday) a designated cultural study class will allow students to explore Chinese history, geography, culture and modern life in China. Movies, Children’s books, artifacts, paintbrush, and other materials will be used to facilitate cultural understanding.

Course Objectives 
At the end of the second year, students will be able to describe location, position and tell directions. Students will also be able to describe a shopping experience, preference for colors and style. Students will be able to give a simple report on weather, and order food in a restaurant. 

Description of how course develops learner profile habits
As an International Baccalaureate program school, Snowden is focusing on educating students to become individuals described in IB learner profile: inquirers, knowledgeable, thinkers, communicators, principled, open-minded, caring, risk-takers, balanced and reflective. By taking language course students will discover their potentials in language learning and develop an understanding of other cultures and others’ point of view through authentic learning materials. 

Curriculum Covered & Timeline:
September 2019: Lesson 1-2 (birthday)
October 2019: Lesson 2-3 (Daily life and one’s home)
November 2019: Lesson 4 (clothes)
December 2019: Lesson 5 (Shopping)
January 2020: Lesson 6 (Visiting a friend)
February 2020: Lesson 7 (Making phone calls)
March 2020: Lesson 8 (Eating)
April 2020: Lesson 9 (Weather)
May 2020: additional vocabulary and readings
June 2020: Review and Exam

Key questions:
How to tell time, date, and day of the week.
How to express likes and dislikes
How to describe the layout of one’s home

How to ask questions related to shopping

How to discuss weather conditions

Description of Major Assessments / Assignments (Learning Products)
Students are expected to complete the following assignments:
Daily assignment/worksheet
Writing exercise and essays including pen-pal letters and diary
Projects (make a book, sing a Chinese song or presentations)
Speaking assessments
Mid-term exam
Final exam

Assessment and Grading Policy
inal grade computation:
1st term: 20%;
2nd term: 20%;
3rd term: 20%;
4th term: 20%
Mid-term: 10% and final exam: 10%

Each term grade consists of

40%quiz average
at least 2-4 quizzes are given within a term/quarter. Quizzes may be given at the end of each lesson and maybe retaken after school before the end of the term. Sometimes a project will replace a quiz or test, and the project will be assessed by rubrics.

35% every worksheet/assignment, which varies in numbers for a different level of classes. Worksheets are students’ obligations that they must do. Failing to hand in a completed worksheet in 5 days will result in a grade reduction. Worksheets/assignments may be completed in class or at home according to the teacher’s instructions. Incomplete worksheet/assignment receives no credits. Every assignment will be corrected and returned to students in a timely manner. Neat handwriting of Chinese characters is required for all students.

25% class participation 

Late Work Policy

Students have 5 days to complete a worksheet counting from the day when it’s assigned. On a 100 point scale, late work will lose 1 point per day. For example, a perfect score worksheet is five days late, it will be only credited for 95 points.  

Academic Expectations: 

Students must
Speak Chinese in a thoughtful manner.
Listen to others with respect and appreciation.
Present one’s own project with care.

Required Materials: a notebook, a folder, pen and 180 index cards

Key Course Texts
Ni Hao II  An Introduction to Chinese by ChinaSoft

Extra Help
Tuesdays and Thursday after school 2:15-3:15 or by appointment for other days

Availability for Parent contact
Email Ms. Liu at or call 617-635-9989 to leave a message.
An individual conference may be arranged.