Snowden International School

Snowden International School

​150 Newbury Street  Boston Massachusetts 02116

Ms. Zhuang
Career Specialist 
at Snowden International High School 
Boston Private Industry Council, Inc.

Office Location:

Tuesdays: Guidance @ Main Building,

Thursdays: Guidance @ Y Building

Office hours*:

Tuesdays 1:00-4:00,

Thursdays 9:00-4:00

*Hours may change on a given day for PIC meetings or events. Ms. Zhuang will email updates to school staff.


Please email Ms. Zhuang: ​

Are you a student looking for a job, internship, or enrichment program to build your resume?

Contact your PIC Career Specialist, Ms. Z!

See Ms. Zhuang (pronounced “Drong”) for help with:

-Resume writing or editing
-Applying to jobs
-Interview preparation
-Career exploration
-Getting a work permit

Jobs available:

School-year positions: Artists for Humanity, GRLZ Radio, Teens in Print, retail positions, jobs in grocery stores, and many more

Summer positions:

*PIC specializes in summer opportunities!* These are competitive so see Ms. Zhuang ASAP to begin preparing for applications. The application for 2020 will open sometime in January/February 2020.
Some examples of jobs PIC students have had:

Work at a law office or in a courthouse
Work at a bank, real estate company, or finance/insurance company (ex: State Street Corporation, Citizen’s Bank, John Hancock, Blue Cross Blue Shield)
Take care of kids in PIC camp counselor jobs
Get paid to write as a journalist for Teens in Print
Architecture/Design summer jobs
Tech jobs – computer repair, coding, and app design (ex: Microsoft, Wayfair)
Work at a university or in BPS offices as an office assistant
Work at a museum or theater company (ex: Museum of Fine Arts, ICA, Lyric Opera)
Work at the New England Aquarium
Work at community centers (ex: Freedom House) as a youth worker
Intern at a hospital (ex: MGH, Brigham and Women’s, Boston Children’s Hospital)

How to apply*
Resume: Create or edit with Ms. Zhuang! Make sure she has your most recent copy on file. Ms. Z will submit your resume to summer employers on your behalf.
PIC Online Application: In winter/spring 2020 (around January/February), apply when it goes live
Interview: See Ms. Zhuang for help preparing
Work permit (if under age 18): If you are hired, see Ms. Zhuang to get one!
Onboarding paperwork: Ms. Zhuang can help with paperwork for PIC internships

*Some students will also have to do:

Recommendation letter: For law or hospital jobs only: ask a teacher to write one
Short essay: For law or hospital jobs only