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​Grade 9 November  Students of the Month

Great News

Afters school  arts-based programs that offer high school arts credit (You can earn 1 HS credit toward graduation!) click for details or speak to Ms. Allen

Boston Celebration Parade 
Patriots Super Bowl LI 

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David Meralus - Physics (Blackler) - Most Improved
Jasmine Allen - Physics (Blackler) - Most Improved
Quinton Bantonseams - Physics (Vestal) - Consistently Hard Working
Nataly Portillo - Algebra (Leitao) - Quality Work
Braeden Hollie - Algebra (Leitao) - Quality Work
Quinton Bantonseams - Algebra (Sherman) - Hard Working
Marc Charlestra - English (Terry) - Excellence in Speaking & Vocabulary
Christina Lai - English (Terry) - Excellence in Reading
Lauren Morrissey - English (Spencer) - Academic Excellence
Kenny Chen - English (Spencer) - Great Effort
Edna Depina - History (Cuadra Saez) - Outstanding Scholarship
Alejandro Herrera - History (Cuadra Saez) - Outstanding Scholarship
Vivian Galindo Morales - Chinese (Liu) - Hard Working
Sabrina Doyle - Chinese (Liu) - Hard Working

Important Dates

Black History Month


2nd Term Award Ceremony

Feb. 28, 2017

2nd Open House

Thursday, March 9. 2017


​150 Newbury Street

3rd Term ends on

April 13, 2017

What is IB Program?

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"Be the change you wish to see in the world." 

-Mahatma Gandhi

School Hours

7:40am - 2:15pm